Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

January is oh so special to me. Both of my children are January babies, Alexander in 1990 and Makenzie in 1993. So in January I had birthday cakes to bake. Alex wanted chocolate. With chocolate frosting. Down and dirty...not too many sprinkles, no fancy decorations just cake and frosting. Easy.

His sister was altogether another story. She wanted a wedding cake. Tiers. Piping. Sugar flowers. Pink, pink, pink - with pink sprinkles. And cute candles. You had to have cute candles. One year I made her an icy igloo cake from Martha Stewart's collection of ridiculously difficult recipes complete with fondant penguins sliding down the sides. I still have a fondant penguin in the freezer. I saved it to remind myself never ever to do that again. But she loved it. And that is all that mattered.
So Happy Birthday Alex and Makenzie! You have made 21 years of Januarys a reason to eat cake!