Sunday, March 14, 2010

Acorn Market Chocolate Chip Cookies

So I've been gone awhile. Been busy. But this one is worth the wait. Chocolate chip cookies are more than just a cookie. Bake up a batch and the kids will love you. The husband will thank you. You will be a kitchen goddess. Queen for a day. So here goes. (The cookies in this photo are half chocolate chip and half dried chopped cherries).

You need:

2 sticks room temperature BUTTER (the real deal, unsalted)
3/4c. granulated sugar
3/4c. light brown sugar
1T. real vanilla
2t. salt
2t. baking soda
2 eggs (at room temperature - just float 'em in a bowl of warm water until you need them)
2 3/4c. all purpose flour
2c. chocolate chips (FROZEN) - put them in the freezer as soon as you get them home from the store. When added to the batter they will chill it immediately and keep your cookie from spreading out as it cooks. This is the most important step!

Pull out the stand mixer and lets go.

Put the butter and the two kinds of sugar into the bowl. Mix on low for a minute then up to med-high. Now walk away. The secret to a thick cookie, a bakery style cookie - is beating the sugar and butter until it doubles in volume. This is what incorporates air into the batter thus providing a high rising cookie. Let it mix for a FULL 6 - 8 minutes.

Now add your eggs and vanilla. Beat another 3-4 minutes. Fold laundry. Empty your dishwasher. Crochet a granny square (more on that another day).

Okay now look into the bowl. Heaps of fluffy goodness.

Stir the salt and soda into your measured flour. Turn the mixer on low and add the flour quickly. You don't want to over mix now as you will deflate your batter and your cookies will be tough and flat. No one wants that.

As soon as the last bit of flour is mixed in (2min. total) dump in the chips. Give it a few quick stirs just to incorporate and STOP!

Now scoop those puppies with a muffin scoop onto some parchment paper lined cookie sheets, throw them into a 350' oven and wait 11 minutes. Pull them out and cool at least 20 minutes before you remove them. Voila. Stop in Acorn Market and let me know how yours turned out!