Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to Acorn Market!!

Our Front Door...


please be seated

our charming year-round!

before the lunch rush!

our sandwiches are yummy

all of our homemade goodies

the little dining room
our oatmeal sandwich bread
magic cookie mom made
bitty bundts....with buttercream of course!
and whoopie pies
sugary-cinnamony baked buttermilk donuts
and of course, cookies.

Welcome to Acorn Market.
Look around.
Stop by and say "Hello".
We are located behind The Country House in Salisbury, MD.
Look over the menu at

See why people are talking about Acorn Market.  Just 30' off of Route 50 East, just 25 miles west of OC, Acorn Market is the best place to stop on the way to the beach.  Stock up on Banana Bread, homemade quiche and fresh breads, yummy bakery treats and soups by the quart.  This summer a produce stand will round out the 'before beach shopping.  Don't forget to order lunch...the pilgrim on the fresh "stuffing" bread will blow you away.  The "barefoot contesssa" of the southeast!